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  Sell a Flood "As Is" Property

Don't despair! Even if you have flood insurance, you may just simply want to sell your home "as is" and move on.

  That is why we are here. Consider us your online source to list flood damaged homes for sale  in "as is" condition due to damage caused by the devastating affects of a  flood. Feel confident to do a 'for sale by owner' and list your home for sale here.  Be sure to go to our online store for supplies and products to help prevent mold from growing via flood waters that have entered your house. We want to help you to prevent more damage from happening. The faster you can enter the home to clean, the better your chances are in getting you more money for your flood damaged house! 

Listings are free, In order to list a property for sale you must register.   Once you have registered you may upload details about the property and photos of each property for sale. You can also remove or edit your listing(s) anytime.   Potential buyers will contact you via a form within your listing. Watch your e-mail for responses from potential buyers. Your listing will remain active for six months at which time you will receive an automated e-mail reminder to renew.  
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Winston Salem, North Carolina
156 Queensbury Road

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Long Beach, New York
581 E. Hudson St.

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staten island, New York
105 cedargrove avenue

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Lindenhurst, New York
85 East Saltaire Rd

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Flood Properties, Inc. is a real estate listing service for flood damaged and foreclosed properties. Formed in 2009, its aim is to connect buyers and sellers of distressed homes, businesses and land via the website's information posting functionality.  It works much like an MLS wherein owners can post information and display pictures on an "as needed" basis.  Additionally, Flood Properties, Inc. provides the opportunity for real estate agents to join the Flood Properties Network to gain maximum exposure for their listings to target buyers interested in only these types of properties. Lastly, soon-to-be-available on the website will be e-books, sponsored links and other information pertinent to distressed real estate investing.